• Secolink GSM/GPRS Communicator GSV6U Module


    Secolink GSM/GPRS Communicator GSV6U Module
    Key features
    Product type: Alarm system module
    Data bus interface: KRBUS, SERIAL
    Data bus protocol: KRBUS
    Reporting to CMS format: CID by GPRS
    Reporting protocols for CMS: E2, FIBRO, Kodinis KSP
    Alarm message for end user: GSM call, SMS
    Alarm message for end user by voice clip: Yes
    Power supply (DC): 9 – 14 V
    Operating temperature: From -10oC to +50oC
    Interface for communicator settings programming: USB
    Communicator firmware updating: USB
    1 Year Warranty

    Ksh 16,500.00
    (Ksh 19,140.00 incl tax)
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  • Secolink KM24.3 Keyapad


    Secolink KM24.3 Keyapad
    Key Features
    Large Graphic Display:
    The keypad features a large graphic display that provides helpful text-based information to the user. This display makes it easy for users to understand the status of their alarm system and receive guidance on how to interact with it.
    Backlit Keys:
    All the keys on the keypad are backlit, which is particularly useful in low-light or nighttime conditions. This feature ensures that users can easily see and press the keys without fumbling in the dark.
    Customization Options:
    The SECOLINK KM24 offers options to customize the main screen information. Users can choose what information is displayed on the screen, tailoring it to their preferences and needs.
    Contrast and Backlight Intensity Control:
    Users have the ability to adjust the contrast and backlight intensity of the LCD display to suit their viewing preferences. This flexibility ensures that the keypad is easily readable in various lighting conditions
    1 Year Warranty

    Ksh 8,500.00
    (Ksh 9,860.00 incl tax)
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